N500 Massage Chair Installation & User Manual

by wenchao yao on June 14, 2019

N500 Massage Recliner Chair


1. Persons with any of the conditions listed below are not suitable to use the chair :
• Osteoporosis patient.
• People with heart disease including embedded pacemaker or other medical electronic device inside the body.
• For pregnant women or people with health issues, please consult doctor before use.
• Patient with a high fever forbid to use this machine.
• Perceptual disabilities patients forbid to use this machine.
• Kids and the drunk people are not allowed to use this machine.
• Don't use the chair when your body is wet.

2. This unit should not be used by children.

3. Do not insert your hands, fingers, feet or head into the spaces following spaces:
• Between the backrest and seat or armrest;
• Between the leg rest and seat or armrest;
• Between the seat and armrest;
• Between the back cover and leg cover;
• Back of the legrest.

4. Do not use the unit against bare skin. While thin clothing may increase e ectiveness, exposing the skin directly to the massager may irritate the skin. Do not use the unit while wearing anything hard on your head like a hair accessory, etc.


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